Friday, 30 July 2010

In My Opinion

I love an opinion.

A view that's held as probable. Our version of the truth. Our take on events.
Plump, passionate and compelling. The bolder the better.

We all have them and, let's face it, without them the majority of Blogs wouldn't exist.

But what if our opinions are based on nonsense? Little pearls of wisdom, passed on from generation to generation, never challenged, never abandoned, just left to propel through eternity?

The fact that an opinion, by it's very definition, is actually quite short of proof, is actually what worries me.
Unfortunately, I fear, it's something seemingly out of our control and something we all seem predestined to perpetuate.

Someones opinion of the right things to say and the right things to do, has already shaped and influenced us this far. Delivered earnestly, with gusto and a smidgen of anything that sounded remotely true, their opinions we've totally believed and accepted as fact. Worse still, because we've taken it on its face value without a challenge or any supportive evidence whatsoever, we divulge these facts to anyone and everyone around us. They have now become our facts, our very own opinions!  

Worse still, we then have to encounter those little moments of painful indignity when you find yourself quoting from your worldly insights, only to then confront that, "What the devil are you talking about?!"  moment.

When you actually find out that your opinion actually counts for shit rubbish!

We often share a story and offer an opinion at the very same time. Lots of known nonsense but we still participate.

Be it;

An old wives tale?............."If you keep pulling that face it will stick like it, I'm telling you!"

An Urban Myth?..........."It's haunted,..chopped his head off,...screams,...never seen again, friend saw it!"

A Celebrity scandal?.........."She/he slept with him,,...filmed,.....drugs,.....It's true, trust me!"

Daily gossip?......."Oh she's/he's a right,.....drunk,....on the side,...No, I don't know her, but a friend told me!"

Pub talk?............"She/he loves it,.....six times,....fastest car innit....he knows me, I know!"

One-up-man-ship?...."Yeah, used to have one of them,...sold it,....could if I wanted,...."

Just Rubbish!!?........."Of course they can cure anything, there's just no money in it,'s all politics!"

Now, I was always under the belief that I've never been one for idle gossip or have ever relished in that exploitative circus we all seemingly regard these days as journalism. I've also never believed in incrimination purely because of  high levels of probability. No, not me. My opinions were, and would always be, based on fact.

Especially now, more than ever, in my leading role as a  Dad.

My children would be raised on the 'truth and nothing but,' letting the 'truth set you free!'  "No rubbish for my offspring," was definitely my mandate! When facts need to be delivered,...I'd deliver. No problem.

Well, there's one minor problem. I'm useless at it!

Is it just a parental gene we develop? Is it just something so interspersed within our very being that we don't even notice some of the nonsense that spouts from our mouths?

It starts small. Catches you off guard. We don't mean to do it and definitely, no harm is ever intended. We all just slip into simple 'facts' and phrases to help 'teach'  our children. Harmless phrases to help illustrate a point. We just sometimes forget that they're developing  and forming  their own opinions, based on what we say, and, in turn, helping them nurture a well informed and educated point of view, that they'll one day be ridiculed for!.

It's nonsense. I know it even as I say it. But, I do it,............All the time!

"Bear! What have I told you about eating those pips?"
"I'll grow a tree in my tummy."

Their opinions are being moulded.

The nonsense is being perpetuated.

Sorry Kids. I try, I really do!!


  1. I remember my dad having a debate with my mum about Father Christmas when I was little. The way he saw it we should have been told the truth and not lied to. I quite liked the lie for the time I believed it.